Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Okay so I need some ideas... Newsletter 4 is in the works and 3 is being released friday. I thought We'd swicth up the pic or I'd give everyone the chance to pic the new picture. There are 5 options and you will each have the chance to get 1 chance of having your picked.

+1 chance if you post telling me which one
+1 If you subscribe to this blog
+1 if you are a subscriber of
+2 If you get the newsletter via email.
Tell me how many points you get out of 5 :)


  1. I really like the 3rd one. And 5/5 points :)

  2. I like the image with the girl reading (1)
    I get updates through my blogroll. Does this count the same as subscribe? (1)


  3. Okay got you :) btw voting ends Friday morning so tell evryone to vote now

  4. I like the second image, with the girl in the bookcase, although the last one seems very colorful :)

  5. I really like the last one. If you guys don't end up using it, Can I use it for my blog?

  6. Got you both and yes you can. You didnt say how many votes you got

  7. I agree with papermovies. The last one is books, f all different colors and shapes, and no visible titles - it definitely won't offend anyone, and it really brings out the objective of this blog...

    oh! and I was wondering if I could have the 5th if you don't use it and papermovies doesn't get it...

  8. Since I am an author do I get double votes? After all, it is the banner that I will be givin out blog of the week under...

  9. I like the 2nd picture best with the girl reading. 4/5 points!