Sunday, March 8, 2009


Wow two posts today. I guess I just had some important stuff to say. First off, note this is just my thoughts and does not represent all YA Blog News writers.

I have recently seen some fighting between bloggers that I believe should be addressed. Tell me it's none of my business, I don't care. As bloggers it's important to support each other. Not everyone feels safe telling their friends what they do in their spare time. We all may have differnt ideas as to what is good and what sucks but they should be handled respecrfully.

When I hear that a certain blogger who shall remain unnamed is receiving hate mail for her opinions I get a little ticked. Adults who do not know teens personally should not tell them they need to respect adults. I can see where that might be said if someone went off on a "fu** the adults" rampage, but one opinion on how adults may be wrong about teens favorite books... thats crazy.

I saw no problem with a comment that was made by an adult on the original post, I do however have an issue with adults butting in where they are unneeded. DO NOT tell people they are being disrespectful when they are in fact stating a freakin oppinion.

Okay I'm done... Calming down. :P


  1. I am the adult. It was not a fight. Feel free to use my name because I said nothing I wouldn't publicly say.

    I have two daughters, 24 and 13. I run a library for girls. I have been a volunteer for most of my adult life serving teens. I think some would say I know teens.

    What I said was I found the comments offensive. That is not a rampage.

    Nowhere on your site says teens only or that I need permission to comment.

    I sent no hate mail. Feel free to republish it. I ask that you do so in its entirety.

  2. No not you! other adults. I had no problem with what you said :)