Monday, May 4, 2009

Newsletter 5 part 2

We're reading:
• Ashley is reading The Blonde Of the Joke
• PG is reading The Sprite Siters: the Secret of the Towers
• Donna is reading Why We Suck by Dr. Denis Leary
• PP is reading Being Nikki by Meg Cabot
• Laina is reading some random romance novel.
• BT is reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth
• Bookworm finished Parties and Potions
• BG is reading Dust of 100 Dogs by AS Kings and Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson
• RT is reading City of Glass and Apologize, Apologize
• Karin is reading THE AWAKENING by Kelley Armstrong
• Sarah L is reading The Girls of Gettysburg.

New releases:
• Band Geeked Out by Josie Bloss (April 1st)
• Willow- Julie Hoban (April 2nd)
• You’ve got Blackmail by Rachel Wright (April 2nd)
• Look Both Ways-Jacquelin Mitchard (April 2)
• Extreme Kissing-Louisa Paja (April 2)
• If I Stay-Gayle Forman (April 2)
• Hottie-Johnathan Bernstein (April 2)
• Cashay-Margaret McMullan (April 6)
• My Big Nose & Other Natural Disasters-Sydney Salter (April 6)
• King of the Screwups-K.L Going (April 6)
• Love on Cue- Katherine Hapka (April 7th)
• The Secret Life of Prince Charming- Deb Caletti (April 7th)
• Carter Finally Gets It-Brent Crawford (April 7)
• Pure-Terra Elan McVoy (April 7)
• Friend Me-Cathy Hopkins (April 7)
• The Beef Princess of Practical County by Michelle Houts (April 14th)
• A Map of the Known World by Lisa Ann Sandell (April 15th)
• Heartbreak River- Tricia Mills (April 16th)
• TMI by Sarah Quigley (April 16th)
• The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks (April 20th)
• Fragile Eternity- Melissa Marr (April 21st)
• A Kiss in Time- Alex Flinn (April 28th)
• The Awakening: Darkest Powers 2- Kelley Armstrong (April 28th)
• Radiant Darkness by Emily Whitman (April 28th)
• Storm Glass- Maria V. Snyder (April 28th)

The best twilight book award goes to.... Twilight

The best spring break genre.... Romance tied with Fantasy!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Newsletter 5 Part 1

Who's who:
• Ashley is putting this together.
• Karin gave us little known book spotlights.
• Hope Gave us contests
• Jenny told us what’s new in the UK
• Renee gave us new release info

• What: One copy of Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols. Ends: Yan doesn't know yet, so go enter now! Link: too far
• What: A copy of Mackenzie, Lost and Found by Deborah Kerbel. Ends: April 4th. Link: found
• What: Carol's random humongous giveaway; really long list, so just go check it out. Ends: April 1st. Link: spring break
• What: A copy of Violet in Private by Melissa Walker Ends: April 6th. Link: violet
• Robin-Titan is giving away The Elite and In Too Deep by Jennifer Banash ends April 3. here

New Blogs:
• was started by Ashley’s friend McCall.
• has cool looking reviews.
• has a nice feel to it.

UK Books:
Extreme Kissing by Luisa Plaja

From Amazon: Carlota and Bethany are best friends. Bethany is the sensible one with a long-term boyfriend, Carlota is the crazy one with a wild past and rebellious nature. Carlota comes up with a plan to put all their troubles behind them and go on a girls-only wild day out, with only their favourite magazine to guide them through the day. The magazine will take them everywhere they need to go - but will it help them to reveal the secrets they are keeping from each other?

Extreme Kissing is funny, original and realistic, and is a brilliant addition to the ever-growing UK teen fiction library. Luisa Plaja writes books that should appeal to a wide audience, and that are well worth reading. Recommended for fans of Louise Rennison and Liz Rettig.

Coming Soon/Recently Released in the UK:
Flightsend by Linda Newbery (paperback edition, 2nd April)
Queste by Angie Sage (paperback edition, 6th April)
Crossing the Line by Gillian Philip (6th April)
Girl Meets Cake by Susie Day (6th April)