Monday, February 23, 2009

My Blog Post

OMG. I was supposed to do this Saturday but I totally forgot. Sorry! So I'm making it up right now. :)

Anyway, I'm Stephanie from Juiciliciousss Reviews and I've started my blog in November 2008.

Because I wanted a place where I could jot down my thoughts on books I either liked or disliked AND the free books are also a huge plus. :)

Currently, my blog has a lot of awesome things :).
Contests: there's my bimonthly giveaway [Jan/Feb Giveaway] and my Half Birthday Contest and they both end in less than a week
Author Visits: I have weekly YA author interviews and my next one is with Rachel Vincent, author of the Werecat series.
Reviews: This is where I talk about whether or not I liked that book and gives you suggestions on whether or not you should read it.

Why I joined this awesome newsletter?
Because I wanted a way to get my info out and to share advice to the blogging world.

How to contact me:
Email me at for any information whatsoever. I tend to respond in less than a day. I'm addicted to email, what can I say?


  1. thanks!
    i wasnt really sure what to put down so i randomly added some stuff :)

  2. Great post!!

    Ashley, you said to leave a comment saying to add me. =)