Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Wendy Toliver is the author of Miss Match which comes out very soon on the 10th of February. She has also written The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren, both of which are young adult romantic comedies. She lives in Eden, Utah with her husband, three little boys, two dogs, cat, crab and occasional mole. And now some interview questions.
Before she turns 16, Sasha Finnegan is moving her dad's SUV down the driveway so she can shoot some hoops. She accidentally runs into a neighbor's car. There's not even a scratch on her dad's truck, but the neighbor's car will need repairs. She works out an agreement with the neighbor to keep the incident under wraps (fearing that if she admitted getting into a wreck, her parents wouldn't let her get her license) and promises to pay for the repairs. But what kind of job can a 15 year-old get to make that kind of money? She decides to start a business using her God-given talent and favorite hobby, matchmaking, to fix high schoolers up with their crushes. However, when an adorable new guy hires Sasha to get him a date with her older, beautiful, popular sister, everything isn't so black-and-white.
What Wendy says:
I've always enjoyed fixing people up, from friends to family members to people I barely met. So I figured other people might enjoy reading a book about a teenager who decides to start a matchmaking business.
I love that I can do what I love (write) while being a stay-at-home mom for my three little boys.
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· Teen Troves reviewed Fade, the sequel to Lisa McMann's Wake
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  1. i love wake and fade, i just finished fade about an hour ago. Is there going to be another?

  2. It's looking REALLY good! Good job!

    Wdebo :)

  3. I think having links and to people's reviews/contests would help. That way no on has to search for the site to read the rest of the review if they aren't already a regular visitor, they can simply click the link.

  4. PM, I'm not sure. That would be something for our author spotlight person to look into :)

    W, thanks :)

    IM, I just include what people send me. In the next email I will ask them to do that. Thanks :)