Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Newsletter 10 Part 2

By Reyna

Schools out, the weather’s warming up and we are digging out our swimsuits, however, the lazy days of summer aren’t complete without a good book, right? Take a look at these books and then head on over to the library or Barnes and Noble so that you will have a great beach read!

“Summer Boys” by Hailey Abbot

“Starlet” by Randi Resifeld

“Mermaid Park” by Beth Mayall

“Sea Change” by Aimee Friedman

“20 Boy Summer” by Sarah Ockler

“Seven Tears Into the Sea” by Terri Farley

And for the rainy days...

“Love You, Hate You, Miss You” by Elizabeth Scott

Put together by Reyna

Vania from “Reverie Book Reviews” took a few moments to let me interview her! She has been blogging for 5 months now and is a great at it! Vania is a terrific photographer and every week posts amazing book covers that she has created! She has also started making bookmarks, postcards, and other swag for authors that are looking to distribute swag to readers. You should be sure to check out Vania’s blog and if you aren’t already, follow!

Vania’s blog: http://reveriemedia.blogspot.com/

Q: Why did you decide to start a young adult book blog? What have you gained from blogging? Why did you decide to start a young adult book blog? What have you gained from blogging?

A: I started blogging because it gave me a way to express my thoughts about the books I've read. I was always giving recommendations to friends but many weren't into discussing books. It seemed a one way street. So as a result of blogging I have gained that which I was missing friends who loved books and loved talking about them.

Q: What types of books to you enjoy reading the most and why?

A: I mostly enjoy reading paranormal and fantasy. I love that fantasy can transport you into into a completely different world. That takes some major writing chops. But that's not to say i don't like to read realistic fiction. I do. It's just harder because most of the material tends to be too fluffy or too depressing. I don't want to be crying or sad and low after a long and depressing day at work. You know?

Q: What is your favorite book? Why do you like it so much?

A: That is a REALLY tough question. I don't know if I can honestly answer it. What I will say is that there are three books that are coming up (among others) that I am excited about and people should look into them; those are "Eyes Like Stars", "Prophecy of the Sisters" and "Beautiful Creatures" ok wait here's a few more "Fairy Tale" and "Shiver" OMG... I can keep going. I'll stop now.

Q: What is one thing that you really like to see in a book?

A: I am a huge sucker for romance. I love to see it even glimpses of it in a story. I just can't get enough. Really!

Q: Since you like romance so much, are there any YA romance books that you would suggest?

A: Graceling and Beautiful Creatures are my two fave paranormal romance faves. There are SO many and each book’s has a glimpse of it in there that really I cannot mention them all!

Q: Do you have any special quirks about you?

A: Hmmmm I giggle a lot. And can easily get hyper and ridiculous. Like drunk type but minus the alcohol. I also make silly sound effects. I don't think they are very accurate but fun nonetheless.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Depends on the day and time. Most of the time I like aqua or purple. Black too!

Q: Do you hope to become an author someday?

A: I haven't really given it much thought. I write very little only because I don't have time but I enjoy reading more, I think. I am also really involved with my art to try and venture out. But who knows...?

By Reyna
If you're reading this newsletter, you probably like to read, right? I know that I do! And a lot of times we will have special spots where we like to curl up and read a book whether it's lying on the beach, sitting under (or in) a tree, or any other neat place that you tend to find yourself migrating to with a good book! We want to know what YOUR favorite spot to read in is!

Send your response to: booksforteens@yahoo.com and a few of the responses will be featured in the next newsletter!


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