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Holiday Newsletter Part Two


We are starting to have a new thing. Bloggers and authors can advertise here. Don’t advertise random blogs. You may advertise contests, new features, challenges, read-a-longs, releases, etc.
  • The challenge is called 30 Books to Movies, and it will run from 1 Jan 2010 to 31 Dec 2010. The goal is to read 30 books that have been adapted to movies, and watch said movies. Participants who own a blog have to post the review of BOTH the book and movie on their blog. At the end of the challenge, I'll randomly pick 2 participants to receive some goodies. Those who are interested can check out the details here:

  • Jill is hosting 25 Days of Christmas. What is this exactly? Each day in December until the 25th there will be one or more authors or bloggers sharing their favorite things about the holidays or sharing favorite memories, recipes, songs, etc. It started December 1st so be sure to go get caught up! She has many contests and chances to win awesome things. So be sure to check it all out here.
Little Known:

These are the books that don’t have much buzz so we’re creating some!

Laura L. Smith

It's a risky thing to look at depression in a positive light. This illness, which is the leading cause of disability worldwide, threatens lives, steals hope, and destroys the spirit of the afflicted one.
But it can also be an opportunity for growth. Light and life can be brighter and stronger if the spiritual roots of depression are addressed and resolved. Through her personal journey, Sharon Fawcett reveals how.

In the Forrest of the Night
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Three-hundred-year-old Risika looks darn good for her age. Thanks to her "blood mother," a vampire named Ather who turned Risika (nee Rachel) into one of the undead back in 1684, she will always look as fresh as a 17-year-old. Now Risika is a world weary night stalker who sleeps in Concord, Massachusetts, by day and prowls New York City by night, in search of fresh blood to slake her inhuman thirst. One of the benefits of living such a long life has been discovering that most of the popular myths about vampires are not true: "Holy water and crosses do not bother me... and silver does not burn me. If someone hammered a stake through my heart, I suppose I would die, but I do not play with humans, stakes or mallets." In fact, there is little in the mortal world that surprises Risika anymore, until she returns from a hunt one night to find a black rose on her pillow - the same flower she was given on the eve of her mortal death. Knowing that the rose is a taunt from Aubrey, a vampire she believes murdered her human brother, Risika decides to confront her nemesis. In a bloody battle with Aubrey, Risika finally unearths her brother's true fate.

Tangled Hearts
By Patti Bongiorno
One of the hallmarks of the teenage years is the lament, "Why me?" Be it hair, height, weight, or some other issue of the day, the questions is always the same. For a child of adoption, the issue AND the question are always the same -- "Why me?" No matter how bright, popular, or attractive a child of adoption may be, he or she is always haunted by that question. Read this story and you just may find a clue to your own entangled heart.

Eat It Up

We all like recipes! This is the place where authors share a recipe that reminds them of their book. For this issue Heidi R. Kling is sharing a Sea related one

Okay, this is sort of silly but totally related to the book, okay?
Trust me. See below:

Orange Popsicles

These are related to Sea. Trust me in a big way, okay?
1. So first you find orange juice. Organic, fresh-squeezed is the best. Bright color. Firm packaging. Not from concentrate.
2. Pour juice into six of those Tupperware things.
3. Then stick in a stick. Or a plastic pop-stick thing. Also Tupperware.
4. Freeze.
5. . Wait. Wait. Wait. (Hours go bye. Maybe days.)
6. Done!
7. Rinse under cold water. Yank. Yes, I know it's stuck. Pull harder. There you go.

Don't get your tongue stuck on the ice, cuz I've done it and it hurts.
It's stuck isn't it? Okay, stick your mouth under the water. Better? Okay.
Now lick.
Is it sweet and sour at the same time? Do you taste sun rays and longing
and everything good about summer?
Then you've tasted one of Spider and Sienna's orange popsicles!
Enjoy the Haze.*

*Yes, I know that makes NO sense. You'll have to read the book to find out
what it means.
Happy Holidaze!

Stay tuned for Part Three!!

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