Friday, September 4, 2009

Newsletter 7 Part Two

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“Spring Breakup” by Stephanie Hale

Who would have thought that a nice, planned to be relaxing, spring vacation to Las Vegas could turn out so…well, bad. That’s what happens to Aspen in “Spring Breakup!” It all starts on the plain ride there when the airport loses her sparkly purple suitcase, now she hardly has any clothes. Soon enough though things go downhill when she gets food poisoning and Mrs. Illinois goes missing, and Aspen takes over her beauty pageant roll! Will Aspen be able to work out her troubles and still have a good time with her boyfriend and friends? Find out by reading “Spring Breakup” by Stephanie Hale!

“Willow” By Julie Hodan

When Willow’s parents die in a car accident while she is driving, her life shifts to a new degree of pain and sorrow. She cuts herself as an escape. However, when a boy discovers her secret and promises not to tell anyone, will more than just a helpful person come into the story? Or will Willow see a whole new path that she can take? Find out by reading “Willow!”

“Parties and Potions” by Sarah Mlynowski

Rachel and her sister Miri are teenage witches, living in a non witch world! They have to face the challenges of keeping their witch world a secret, or should they? They have to face that important question, she they tell their own Father? Should Rachel tell her best friend and her boyfriend? Can she really keep making excuses as to were she is? Rachel and Miri are living busy lives between preparing for the samsorta, going to witch and real school, and juggling their witch and non witch worl! Will they be able to do it?

“The Princess Plot” Review

Release date: May 1st, 2009

By Kirsten Boie

Jenna won a chance to be one of the starring roles in an upcoming movie about a princess! However, soon it seems like something might be wrong. She seems to resemble the real princess an awful lot and she learns about plans to use Jenna to rule the world, and that’s not for the movie. Will Jenna be able to get herself out of this mess?

Read By Carrie M.

Here's the blurb from the back of the book:

Meredith and Mallory Brynn are mirror twins born on either side of midnight one snowy New Y ear's Eve. They have always been inseparable. But after they are nearly killed in a mysterious fire on their thirteenth birthday, the bond that has always joined them unravels. They begin to have visions and dreams that reveal the deep secrets kept by the people around them. Meredith and Mallory realize they have each been given a gift: Mallory can see deep into the past; Meredith can see the future. But when they discover that one boy is not what they imagined, their lives will be changed forever. If they can survive . . .

Okay, so I have some mixed feelings about this one. I liked it; it kept me reading, but I didn't love it. When I read the first chapter I had high hopes. It had that folk-tale storytelling kind of feel going on and it felt almost like the first time I read Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. This was no Practical Magic though.

I thought the idea behind the book was very interesting. Twins that see visions, but not the same type of visions. They each see a different side of the same event. It's a very interesting concept and I was intrigued enough to keep reading. I liked the character of the next door neighbor Drew almost more than I liked the girls though. He was much more likable and quite honestly easier to follow.

The book just seemed a little disjointed at times and often I found myself looking back to pick up a thread of the plot or to just try to figure out which twin was talking. It wasn't a bad read by any means, but it wasn't as good as I'd hoped. I'll probably still read the next book in the series just to see where she takes the storyline. Has anyone else read it? What did you think?

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