Monday, August 31, 2009

Newsletter 6 Part 3

· Try to stick to a format. When your constantly changing it can get confusing.

· Try to keep flashing backgrounds to a minimum. I prefer to read in peace, with out the headache and seizure those backgrounds can create J

If you have any advice that you want here…. Email me!

Are you looking for a fun, light, and neat book to read this spring? If so, read on for a few books that would suit your appetite this spring!

“Eggs” By Jerry Spinelli

When David’s Mother dies and he has to live with his Grandmother, he decides to not make nice with her, or make any friends. However, when he meets Primrose, a 13 year old girl, they start bonding in a different way than most friends. They bond through teasing, fighting, and spending time with each other. Will David move on? Find out in this nice read!

“Airhead” by Meg Cabot

You might know that Meg Cabot is coming out with “Being Nikki” in May, the second in this series! So, while waiting for that one, read the first in the wonderful series, “Airhead!” This is actually one of my favorite books and I definitely suggest it!

Emerson Watts is a normal girl, not popular, not unpopular, doesn’t dress like a supermodel, and she just accepts who she is. However, her sister is different. She likes clothes, boys, being fashionable, and a special music band. So when this music band is coming to a local store, she convinces Emerson Watts to bring her. So when a TV crashes down on her, Emerson’s life changes forever. What will happen to Emerson Watts? Find out in “Airhead” by Meg Cabot!

“Cindy Ella” by Robin Palmer

Ella is different than most of the girls. One of the biggest things that separate her is the fact that she doesn’t like the prom. She sees it as a big money maker for all of the businesses. So when the letter about her dislike of the prom is published for the first time in the school paper, she becomes more unpopular than ever. While all of this is happening in school, she is IM’ing a boy and it seems as if he is falling in love with her. When he asks her on a date on prom night to meet each other and find out who is who, she excepts. Will he be the boy of her dreams? Or will he be a hairy beast? Find out in “Cindy Ella!”

“The Debs” by Susan McBride

Enter the world of high class teenagers who all are yearning for a place in the Glass Slipper Club. However, all of them face troubles throughout the story, and some of them could prevent them from getting on the prestigious club. Will the three best friends, Laura, Mac, and Ginger make it in, as well as snobby JoLynn? Find out by reading “The Debs” by Susan McBride!

For a chance to win “The Debs” check out this contest!

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